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Dinner Date by SergeantD

Lance sat at his desk in the darkness of his small room, staring at the screen of his laptop while his right hand went click on the mouse, flipping from site to site. He was a young teenager with a relatively slim build for his age, Lance's slender face made him seem younger than his nineteen years. With jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, he was an overall cute and friendly guy. Though Lance was quiet and somewhat shy, he kept to himself most of the time. He was very fond of piercings and he had a couple on his lower lip and two shiny black ear gauges.
After doing a little browsing on a couple of internet sites, Lance went to his deviantart page and did quick search for some decent male vore pictures but to his utter disappointment only found lame female vore pictures. It almost seemed that everything vore on the internet was female related. Male vore was so rare to find while female vore dominated deviantart and Lance found himself disliking his favorite internet site every day. He hated seeing females depicted as the stereotypical 'damsel in distress', with large breasts and looking like prime steaks, and being fed to a hungry snake. Lance closed out his deviantart page in disgust and put on some tunes to help better his mood.
Lance brushed a rebellious strand of black hair out of his eyes as he checked out a local webchat page. Humming to some tunes, and out of habit he started tapping his bare foot up and down, with his woven ankle bracelet occasionally jiggling.  He was chatting with some friends when he received a 'private' message from a user known only as 'mean green muther.'  It was strange, but he decided the hell with it, Lance started up a conversation with this person.  After a while, the messages became increasingly hot, Lance found himself blushing and slightly becoming hard in his shorts. No one has ever spoken to him like that before; such passionate words that almost made him want to melt.
Just after having a few steamy conversations, Lance started dating his mystery friend online. They talked everyday and expressed very intimate feelings with each other. Lance asked for his real name instead of his user name and wanted to see what he looked like. He said that his name was Seymour and he was nineteen years old, attached to the message was picture of him. Lance looked at the picture and thought he was pretty cute. He wore glasses and had messy brown hair. Seymour was holding a small plant in his hands and Lance strangely noticed that the plant was smiling at him.
One day they both shared their likes and dislikes, Lance was a little embarrassed when he told him about his vore fetish. He was afraid that Seymour would think he was weird or something, but he was curious and typed back saying 'what is vore?'  In response, Lance explained that vore is a sexual fetish where he loved the idea of being slurped up and eaten alive. There was a moment's pause and Lance thought he had screwed up big time. But Seymour quickly responded with a message saying: "Mushnik's Flower Shop, Downtown. Please come quick. I have something very special to show you Lance."
Lance nearly jumped out of his chair from excitement and he ran about his room looking for some clean clothes to wear. He pawed through his stuff and found some boxer shorts.  He put the boxers on, and Lance went to the dresser bureau and put on his favorite skinny jean shorts and quickly slipped on a plain black t-shirt. Lance didn't bother to put any socks on as he slipped his bare feet into a worn pair of Vans slip-ons. Leaving the apartment, Lance then took a bus that went straight downtown.
It took a while, but the bus took him all the way to his destination. Lance expected that Seymour lived in a nice and quiet neighborhood; however, he found that it was not the place he imagined it to be. Seymour lived in a seedy neighborhood in the bad part of downtown, with bars, walk-in hotels, and liquor stores. When he got off the bus, people eyed him suspiciously, and Lance suddenly nervous as he walked along the grime-covered streets. He finally came to 'Mushnik's Flower Shop' and was shocked to see that the building was condemned. There were old beer cans around, and garbage, and Cholo graffiti covering the walls of the building. It looked like the store had been closed for a very long time, because the sign hanging above the store was nearly faded.
Either this was the right place, or someone was playing an awful prank on him. Lance tried to get a look inside the dirty windows but they were completely boarded up on the inside. He went to try the front door and found that it was locked. Lance thought for a moment and decided that he should try finding a way around back. He walked around and there was an alley way that led to the back of the building. Luckily, the back door was unlocked, and Lance was able to get inside the store.
Lance closed the door behind him and realized that he was in the store's office, there was a single desk and chair that was covered with a heavy layer of dust.  On the desk there was a picture frame that had been recently disturbed. He picked it up and examined the picture closely and recognized it as the one Seymour sent him. If this picture was here, Seymour must be around somewhere. Lance knew for sure that he wasn't in the office; there was only one place to look, the front of the store. The windows inside the office seemed to be covered with thick ropey vines. He approached the door cautiously and when he opened it, Lance was hit by wave of sweltering heat which rolled over him.
The humidity coming from inside the store was so unbearable that Lance suddenly became dazed from the intense heat. Instantly he began sweating all over his body. It almost felt like he was in the Amazon jungle and when he looked up, the store was truly a jungle. It was overgrown with lush green vegetation and beautiful exotic plants. Lance looked down at his feet and the ground was covered with dark soil. While looking around the room in utter awe, he self-consciously tugged at the back of his t-shirt. Sweat was making it stick to his skin.
There were plants in here that Lance has never seen before in his life, and there was one plant especially that definitely caught his attention. It was a giant egg-shaped plant with brightly colored petals and long thick vines that seemed to burst from below its thorn covered stock which sprang upward from its large clay pot. The bulk of the plant was monstrous, towering above him at nine feet tall, and it had an ominous presence. Lance thought the large plant looked oddly familiar, it had lips, and he suddenly realized the plant was in the picture with Seymour. Only it had grown enormously huge!
Behind him there was the sound of something rustling on the ground and Lance turned to face the mysterious sound and looked down to see several vines creeping across the floor towards him. The vines immediately froze, as if they knew that Lance was watching. He shook his head in disbelief. Was the heat playing tricks on him or were the vines actually moving on their own? Lance moved closer to inspect them. Holding the still vine in his hand, he found nothing out of the ordinary, only that it was pleasantly warm and soft.
"Hello Lance…" replied a sudden deep sexy voice. "I've been waiting for you."
Lance nearly jumped up from fright and yelled, "Who's there? Show yourself!" he demanded.
"Is that how you treat all your dates, Lance?" the mysterious voice said again.
"How do you know my name? Where are you?" Lance asked.
All of a sudden the large plant came alive. Lance stood motionless with fear as it rose above him. The bud turned towards the frightened teen, its mouth opening up to reveal a large hungry mouth. He could not take his eyes off the plant's almost smug grin. It was wide enough to shame a shark, with two perfect rows of gleaming teeth that were serrated like sharp knives. "BOO!" a deep booming voice came from deep inside the plant and Lance fell back screaming in absolute terror.
Uncontrollable laughter erupted from its jaws, echoing all the way up to the ceiling.  The plant looked at Lance, its lips curled into a smile. "Sorry, I couldn't resist giving you a scare." It offered a vine to help lance stand up.
"How is it possible that you are talking?" Lance said, his voice trembling a little. "You're just a plant, an inanimate object." He felt several vines creep up his leg and wrap around his waist, Lance yelped as the plant pulled him very close to its mouth. Lance could feel the warm breath against his skin.
"Does this look inanimate to you, kid? If I can talk and I can move, who's going to stop me from making a meal out of you?"
"You're going to eat me?" Lance asked timidly.
"I am not the kind of the man-eating plant that likes to rush things, call me old-fashioned. I like to slowly enjoy my meals, especially cute little guys like you." The plant said smiling.
"Why don't you just get it over with and save me all the dramatics?"
"I brought you here for a reason, I am not going to end things so soon, and I know that's not what you really want. You want something that only I can give you." The plant then lightly caressed his cheek affectionately, yet sensually, making Lance deeply blush. "You're so cute," the plant commented, "even cuter than Seymour."
"So you ate Seymour?"
"Yes, I ate him. Unlike you, Seymour was a little nerdy and clumsy, but he had the most unique taste." The plant mused about the time he swallowed the young florist assistant. "Just thinking about him makes me want to relish the taste of his delicious skin again. Sometimes I miss Seymour dearly, after all he did raise me since I was little, and you somewhat remind me of him…"
"I hate to ask, but what is your name?" Lance asked suddenly.
"Well, I can't just call you plant."
The plant was hesitant to answer. "It's Audrey II."
"Audrey II?"
"I didn't pick out the damn name," he said irritability. "Seymour did. He wasn't very good at picking names."
"I think it's a nice name," Lance said. They both looked at each other and there was an awkward silence. "So…what comes next?"
A big grin spread across his mouth as he opened up his brightly colored petals, releasing dozens of spore-like particles into the air. Lance breathed in the sweet fragrance slowly through his nose and found it very intoxicating. It aroused his senses, as if he were high on ecstasy, and soon his body became relaxed. "Good," Audrey II said seductively, "Now take off your clothes."
Under the influence of the potent spores, Lance willingly obeyed and slipped off his sneakers, happily wiggling his toes at the feeling of the soft soil beneath his bare feet. He then started to take off his t-shirt, but had some trouble doing so. "Let me help you," Audrey II offered and sent some vines to help Lance. The vines slipped underneath his shirt, lifting the sweat drenched shirt over his head and casually letting it drop to the ground.  Audrey II stared at his Lance's smooth chest and flat belly, admiring the delicate pale skin. He began to gently massage his chest, the long thick vines rubbing a soothing aloe into his smooth skin, making his nipples hard. "Mmmm…that feels so good."  Lance gave out soft moans and whimpers as he quickly felt his member welling inside his skinny jean shorts.
Audrey II continued rubbing lower and lower until he slipped a vine into Lance's shorts. Lance gave out a long moan when he felt the warm vine glide over the length of his hardness. "You're already hard," Audrey II teasingly said as he fondled his manhood. Vines loosened the belt around his hips, unbuttoning the jean shorts, and he sprang free. Both shorts and boxers dropped to his knees, his erection proud and aching, and Lance carefully stepped out of the shorts and boxers gathered around his ankles.
Lance stood naked, his pale body glistening with sweat, "I am ready." He whispered.
Audrey II licked his lips hungrily and slowly opened his jaws.  Lance stared longingly at the undulating tongue and pulsing gullet which was eager to devour him. It almost seemed inviting. The flesh inside his mouth was a deep purple and oozed with bucketfuls of saliva. Lance stepped forward, attracted to the glistening cavern of flesh, and the slimy path of the broad tongue leading to his gaping gullet. Beyond that doorway of flesh, the undulations of the pulsating throat seemed to draw his throbbing member towards the waiting maw. Never before in his life had he felt such an all consuming desire to be consumed by a hungry plant.
He felt the humid breath against his bare skin as Audrey II gave his small form a quick taste and he made a satisfying noise.  Lance tasted even better than Seymour ever did. He was going to greatly enjoy devouring him. The huge plant began to lick Lance passionately with his tongue, bathing the young sexy teen in warm saliva.  Lance moaned softly as he hugged onto the tongue and began grinding his throbbing cock against the slick membrane. Audrey II murred happily at the musky taste of his groin area and he curled up his tongue underneath his legs. Lance jumped in surprise at the sudden intense feeling between his legs and groaned with pleasure as he was gently lifted into the steamy maw. Audrey II closed his lips over the lower half of his body, so that only his legs were sticking out.  
The inside of his mouth was incredibly humid, as though he were in a sauna, and he was immediately soaked to the skin. His hair soon became dripping wet with saliva. Lance rolled over onto the plant's quivering taste buds, and began to rub his erection deep into the undulating tongue, licking back at the enormous tongue surging all about him. He slowly built up the pressure in his loins, wanting to achieve a stronger and better climax, and Lance moaned as he felt himself coming closer and closer to cumming. Audrey II could hear the teenager's cries as he begged to be eaten. He would fulfill Lance's wish after finishes his orgasm on the plant's writhing tongue.
The powerful sensations drove Lance over the edge, he buried his face into the slimy flesh, moaning loudly as he cummed all over the tongue. Audrey II murred happily and found the salty taste of his seed to be very pleasing. Lance lay exhausted on the tongue and sighed as he basked in the soft euphoric afterglow of orgasm. "Take me now!" Lance begged as he longed to be swallowed whole by the giant plant. The hungry plant took his first gulp as Lance began to sink into his slimy gullet, consuming the young teenager slowly inch by inch towards his final destination. Audrey II was intoxicated with pleasure while his throat was stuffed with his delicious morsel.  His legs occasionally kicked, sweat glistening against his smooth calve muscles, and his toes curling and uncurling. Audrey II couldn't help but softly poke, prod, and tickle his bare feet. He heard muffled sounds of laughter coming from inside his mouth as he tickled the soft pale soles of Lance's feet.
Lance began laughing uncontrollably as he felt something tickle across his helpless and ticklish soles. "P-please s-stop tickling my feet!" He desperately tried to escape from the intense tickling by wiggling his feet around, but several vines wrapped around his ankles to keep them from moving, and then started to torturously rake at his tender soles. While Audrey II continued to tickle his feet, he licked every inch he could of Lance, lathering him up in a thick coat of warm saliva as he was pushed deeper towards his gullet. Taking another deep gulp, Lance was hoisted down to his knees, and Audrey II was salivating over his smooth calve muscles. He licked them all over until he slurped them inside, leaving only his wiggling bare feet sticking out from between his lips.
Audrey II sucked, licked, and lapped on them thoroughly to invoke more struggles, rolling his tongue all over his soft soles, making sure that they were entirely covered with saliva. "Delicious," Audrey II moaned at the taste of his feet which pooled inside his mouth. He felt his stomach began to violently squirm as he taunted Lance's feet with his tongue. "That feels amazing," Lance moaned as he felt the slimy tongue suck and lap at the soles of his feet, causing him to flex and curl his toes at the pleasurable feeling.  It would be the last nail in the coffin to seal his fate. Audrey II tilted his head up, savoring the young teenager one last time before swallowing him alive.
Sucking and slurping the feet inside his mouth, he took a large swallow and Lance slid effortlessly down the moist tongue and into the eager throat which closed reflexively around him, a wet slurp cutting off his pleasurable moans. The writhing bulge of Lance's body slid down the muscular stalk and disappeared into the hungry belly of the plant, Lance moaned in passion as each undulating wave of muscular contractions sent him deeper and deeper into the hungry plant. Then, with another wet slurp, he was squeezed into a warm liquid-filled chamber where there was no danger of being painfully digested. Lance crawled about the slick lining of the sac-like chamber, and then he lay on his back on the soft squishy walls.
Inside the humid chamber, he surprisingly felt himself growing hard again. Not being denied of one more orgasm, Lance went on stroking his hard cock and cummed explosively, shooting torrents of cum all over the walls of the stomach. Lance sighed happily and collapsed back down on the soft flesh just before he finally succumbed to blissful sleep. Audrey II licked his lips slowly, the taste of the young teenager still present, and let out a loud belch of satisfaction. "Oh god that was so good," Audrey II murred, totally satisfied by his latest meal. "You tasted so good Lance that I almost want to burp you back up so I can slowly gulp you down again." He could feel Lance wiggling inside his belly before he finally settled down.  "Hope you enjoy it in there, Lance." Audrey II opened his mouth again, letting out another loud belch, and a sopping wet ankle bracelet flew out of his mouth and landed with a splat on the ground. Audrey II took it as a souvenir and placed it on a shelf beside Seymour's broken glasses. He then took out a laptop and began searching the internet for more young tasty guys to eat. "I love the internet," the evil plant said to himself, "I can't wait to see how the others taste, hopefully they are just as good as you."


This is for my friend, Dark-Desires-Within, hope you enjoy it!!! I was greatly inspired by Little Shop of Horrors and there are a few nods to the movie.
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Haha thanks!!! :D I'm glad that you liked it
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Student Writer
I read this again today, still as hot as ever xD we should totally do an rp similar to this, or you should write that sequel we talked about xD, I know you're busy so I'm just throwing out ideas :), I hope you're doing okay btw :hug:
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Writer
This was very hot and well done and lance was so cute and willing. Oh but is Audrey going to kill him :(
SergeantD Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Audrey II is not really going to kill him, he's just trapped inside. I'm not a big fan of digestion and all that stuff...
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Writer
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SergeantD Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Unless someone stops Audrey II from taking over the world, yeah he's going to be fine :D i don't know about a sequel though, i could write a story where someone rescues Lance by also getting eaten.
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Writer
Heh that's good I don't want him to die ^_^. So does your story imply that Audrey killed Seymour then? And yeah just a suggestion hehe, I could come save him :drool: XD
SergeantD Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well he ate him, but Audrey II keeps all of his victims trapped in individual sacs, the more he eats the bigger he grows. I think a guy on DA did a plant vore comic like that some time ago.
masterlevan1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Student Writer
Oh I didn't know that lol, well how do they live then if they're just trapped in there hehe. I never saw any comics but cool :) hehe I hope he's okay, and if you need a volunteer to save him *raises hand* :D
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