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April 26, 2012


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Venom's Web by SergeantD

"I hope that most you will see this as a wakeup call," the teacher announced to the class, folding her arms snootily. "If you got a B on the test, you've done tolerably. If you got lower than that, you should be concerned. If you got below a C, I'm going to make you concerned."
Lance ignored the teacher's threatening remarks to the class and continued to secretly draw in his sketchbook. He was drawing another picture of the web-slinger's greatest archenemy and biggest threat to humanity, Venom. His sketchbook was completely filled with black-and-white drawings of the evil extraterrestrial life form. Lance has always had a huge crush on the monstrous muscle stud ever since he appeared terrorizing the city and devouring countless people. It was him that triggered his vore fetish and Lance longed to be sucked up by him.  He sighed wearily, probably knowing that he will never ever get the chance to meet Venom, let alone be eaten by him.
He did the finishing touches on a very sexy picture of Venom in ticklish bondage. Lance looked at his work proudly and thought that he did a great job of capturing his large villainous form. Venom had a blindfold and a ball-gag in his poisonous and toothy mouth, his enormous cock all strapped up and leaking pre-cum, and his large masculine feet ready to be tickled mercilessly. Lance closed his sketchbook and shoved it into his backpack along with his books and binder. Untamed strands of black hair dropped in front of his eyes, obscuring his vision as he bent over to zip up his backpack and await the ending bell. Despite the cheerful sunlight streaming through the classroom's single window, Lance noticed an unmistakable aura of gloom emanating from the other students around, which he actually found to be oddly comforting. It meant that he wasn't the only the teacher was going to "make concerned."
When the teacher finished speaking to the whole class, she started her usual prowl around the room, glaring like a starved lioness with an appetite for students. She looked suspiciously at Lance, but luckily the bell rang and Lance breathed a sigh of relief. He stood up to join the rest of the students, unconsciously tugging at the collar of his shirt. The gray school uniform that Lance wore felt annoyingly itchy and tight, no matter how many times he wore it. As he filed out of the classroom with the rest of the class, still adjusting his clothes, Lance couldn't help but wonder if they had been made to be unpleasant as possible.
Lance joined the gray river of uniformed students flowing up and down the hallways, a long day of schoolwork and teachers finally over and done with, he burst out of the large double doors, and enjoyed the feeling of the relatively fresh air of the City streets. As he strode upon the hard gray sidewalks under the looming shadows of steel-and-glass skyscrapers, Lance let out a quiet sigh as he allowed the thoughts of school to fade away from his mind. The streets quickly became crowded with students on their way back home and Lance decided to take a shortcut home, figuring it would save him about ten minutes. Making a sharp right, he headed down an alleyway, which was dark and sinister.
The sound of the busy street behind him soon faded and the only sound came from his own feet dragging over the many stones and pebbles on the cement and from a stray cat who lingered near a dumpster looking for scraps of food. There were a few homeless people living and sleeping in some old cardboard boxes. Lance became uneasy and sort of regretted taking a shortcut through a shady alleyway, the whole situation reminded him of a horror movie, something bad and unexpected was sure to happen. All that was missing was the scary music in the background that signified impending doom.
Lance could sense that there was an evil presence near and he stopped all of a sudden when he was enticed by a manly smell. It was a strong musky odor that made his nose tingle. He looked around for the source of the smell until his eyes met up with a giant pair of masculine feet. Lance's eyes went wide and he was immediately drawn to the sexy pair of feet. Now Lance so happened to have a strong fetish for male feet. He did not know where this fetish came from. Lance couldn't explain it, but he always found himself drawn to guys with big sexy feet. He let his hand softly caress the wide black sole and found it to be warm and moist with sweat. Lance leaned in and caught the musky scent that emanated from the sweaty soles. He sniffed deeply at the toes and was hypnotized by the smell. He just breathed in and out.  It made him lick his lips, and Lance couldn't help but imagine what large, masculine feet would taste like. Unable to help himself, he let out his tongue and lightly licked a path over the sole of the foot.  It tasted wonderful, having the most unique flavor, and Lance continued to lick gently at the soles.
Lance watched in fascination as the large pair of feet reacted to the licking by idly flexing and curling its clawed toes…wait claws? He stopped what he was doing and looked at the feet. They looked oddly familiar, but where did he see them before. "Hey, why did you stop?" replied a thick, husky voice. Lance quickly looked up, and gasped.
Venom was sitting causally on top of a dumpster, grinning wickedly. "Why did you stop? That felt really nice," he said.
Lance grew pale as he stumbled backwards away from the muscular figure, and clumsily fell onto a pile of trash bags. Venom let out an evil laugh, the sound sending shivers down the helpless teenager's spine. He grinned evilly and jumped down from his perch, his large throbbing cock already hard and erect from the foot licking, and Lance found himself blushing deeply at the sight.  Venom was more intimidating in person than seeing him on television. He menacingly walked towards Lance, motioning to with his finger for him to come here. But Lance was too afraid and he desperately tried to escape; however, his efforts were in vain. Venom reached out with lightning fast speed and grasped him back the neck, lifting him effortlessly into the air. Lance gasped, struggling uselessly against Venom's vice-like grip.
"Hmm…leaving so soon?" Venom questioned, his voice devoid of all emotion. "It would be very rude to leave abruptly." Lance quit struggling and stared into those large, white eyes, and that wickedly sadistic smile. He brought him close to his body and Lance's blush became a deeper shade of red as the huge member rubbed up against him.  Venom's long slimy tongue snaked out from his toothy maw and traveled lightly over his exposed neck, tracing his beautiful pale skin. Lance shivered at the feeling; but couldn't resist, he was helpless against his advances. He found himself moaning softly; both from fear and arousal, and Lance lost himself in Venom's embrace.
"There's more where that came from," Venom whispered as he grinded himself against the raven-haired teen. Lance closed his eyes and licked back at his muscular chest. Suddenly, he felt himself being wrapped up by warm tendrils. He opened his eyes to see gooey black liquid quickly surrounded him, covering him from head to toe. It blocked out all sight, sound, and touch; Lance immediately started to panic. He tried screaming, but the black goo filled his mouth, pressing down her tongue. It tasted both acrid and rubbery. He tried spitting it out, but it refused to budge.
"Don't try to resist," Venom said soothingly, "You're only making it worse for yourself. Just try to think of it as slipping into a warm bath."
With those words, Lance gave in and let the black ooze envelope his body. Venom smiled as he used his tentacles to subdue the helpless young teenager. He would take him back to his web for some more fun. Once Lance was completely bound in black ooze, Venom leaped into the air and shot out his webslinger. He started to swing from building to building, laughing wildly and maliciously, sending fear to the people down below.
A few hours later, Lance opened his eyes to find that he was lying on a huge spider web that was suspended inside an old factory. He tried to move, but found that his wrists and ankles were held down by web-like rope. Lance looked around for Venom and saw him going through his stuff in his backpack. His eyes widened in terror when he saw him take out his sketchbook and started looking at all of his drawings. Lance was afraid that he would be furious, but Venom quietly continued to flip through each page through the pages and he seemed to be quite amused. "Did you draw all these?" Venom said, holding up a drawing of his large sexy feet being worshiped by Lance.
Lance was almost scared to answer to him. "Yes," he gulped, "Those are my drawings."
Venom smirked and he slowly moved towards the frightened boy, a menacing look upon his face, and Lance shut his eyes tightly preparing for the worse. Instead of being ripped to shreds, he felt his restraints being removed. He opened his eyes and looked at Venom, slightly puzzled by his actions. Venom lay comfortably back on the web and placed his bare feet in front of Lance, wiggling his clawed toes. "Lick my feet," he said smiling.
Without a moment's hesitation, he grabbed a hold of Venom's ankles and started to lick all over his feet with his moist tongue, lapping gently at the soles. The taste of Venom's delicious feet spread across his taste buds and the intense flavor of his sweaty soles engulfed his senses. Venom moaned loudly as Lance's skillful tongue licked across the soles of his feet. "How do they taste?" Venom asked, but Lance was preoccupied slurping playfully in between his toes, and Lance took his time to suck and lap at Venom's manly feet. He suddenly felt himself becoming aroused as his throbbing manhood stood stiff and hard, Venom felt the irresistible urge to rub one out.
Venom began masturbating; slowly stroking his large hard cock with his hand, while smothering his smelly feet all over Lance's face. He was greatly enjoying the special treatment given to his feet and Venom never thought that foot worship would be so much fun. For Lance, it was dream come true, he enjoyed being dominated by Venom and having his face smothered by his large masculine feet. Venom's toes were planted firmly over his eyes, as Lance shoved his nose in between the toes, resting on the sweaty ball of the foot, sniffing deeply. Venom grinned and wiggled and splayed his toes widely, rubbing them over his Lance's face, as he desperately tried to lap up the sweat in between them.
Lance opened his mouth and started slowly sucking on all of his toes. He swirled his tongue around them, greatly tasting the warm musky flavor of sweat. When Venom felt the pleasurable feeling of his toes being sucked on, he rubbed his throbbing cock faster, his moans became louder and louder and eventually he let out a loud howl as he climaxed a thick stream of cum into the air.  He milked every last bit of cum from his cock until it softened and flopped back on his belly. Venom sighed relaxingly, flexing and rubbing his toes together, now that his feet were completely licked clean. Lance gave his soles a few more playful licks before pulling back and looked at Venom, a big grin spread across his face.
"That was amazing!" Lance said excitedly, "I never worshiped a guy's feet before."
Venom chuckled and rubbed his foot affectionately on the side of Lance's cheek. It made Lance blush and he tried to hide it by lowering his head, but Venom lifted his chin up with his foot. "Is there anything else you want to do?" he asked.
"Eat me," Lance said, grinning widely.
Venom smirked and said, "Ok sure. I'm feeling a little hungry anyway."
Lance quickly got out of his uncomfortable school clothes until he stood half naked, only wearing his boxers. "I'm ready," he said.
Venom ruffled up his black hair and smiled, before, very firmly grabbed him by the waist and opened his jaws wide. His long slimy tongue snaked out from his mouth and teased him by licking softly under Lance's chin, making the young teenager shiver with excitement. Venom forced his tongue inside Lance's moth and went into a deep kiss. Lance moaned at the feeling of the slick muscle probing the inside of his mouth and he felt Venom's strong hands on his waist, lifting him towards his open mouth.
He pushed Lance's head into his open jaws and began licking and slurping over his face with his hot tongue as his warm  rank breath washed over him. Venom's tongue slowly glides over Lance's face, coating him in warm saliva. Lance moaned softly at the feel of Venom's tongue on his face, his body wiggling against Venom's muscular body as his hair was soaked in saliva. Venom moaned at the taste of the young teenager and pushed him deeper inside his mouth, licking at his smooth bare chest, enjoying his wonder flavor.
Lance giggled and moaned as the slimy tongue licked and tasted his ticklish belly, and continued its journey downwards his body. It slithered inside his boxer shorts and Lance squeaked when he felt the slimy tongue slide along the length of his cock. The sudden intense of feeling of his cock being licked and teased by Venom's tongue almost drove him over the edge. He closed his eyes and his mind raced off into utter bliss. Venom pressed his tongue firmly up against the soft underside of his shaft, then curling underneath his balls, and began gently massaging them. It made Lance moan with almost pleasurable ecstasy and he was very close to cumming.
Venom heard Lance's muffled moans from inside his mouth and he continued to avidly massage his throbbing member he heard the young teenager cry out in elation and cummed all over his tongue. Venom grinned at the salty taste of his delicious seed and lapped up every last bit of cum, until his cock became limp. When he was done, Venom slurped and swallowed Lance deeper into the hot tight passage of his throat, his body pushing against the tight ring of flesh. Lance moaned softly as his slim young body was swallowed down the tight cavern of flesh that led directly to Venom's awaiting stomach.
The evil symbiote effortlessly slurped up the boy's legs, licking along his tasty calves, and stopped at his bare feet. Venom decided to have a little fun, raising a single clawed finger, he began to lightly tickle Lance's sensitive pale soles. Lance's blue eyes went wide when he felt Venom's clawed finger rake tortuously against his soles and he started laughing hysterically. His feet were extremely ticklish and Venom was taking great advantage by taunting and teasing them.
Venom smiled amusedly as he tickled at the wiggling feet, and he wished to tickle them some more, but his impatient stomach got the better of him. He slurped those delicious feet into his mouth, rubbing his teeth over the soles as they were pulled in. Venom sucked on them, licked them all over, and ran his long slimy tongue in between the curling and uncurling toes. He lifted up his head and gave a tremendous gulp. A writhing bulge formed in his neck with the last of Lance, his feet trailing down Venom's large muscular form and quickly disappearing into his chest and then slowly started to fill out his belly. Venom flopped back on the web ran his hands over the bulge in his belly. It wasn't comically large, but there was a noticeable lump. He ran his hands over it, feeling Lance inside of him.
"God damn it, I should have fucked him at least once," Venom muttered, realizing that his chance was too late. "But that was…wow…I need to bust a nut again." Venom found himself becoming hard again and it was almost painful. The thought of how Lance tasted, the feel of his skin, it was too much. A slight rumble came from Venom's stomach before some air came rushing up from his belly, pushing out from his toothy maw and escaped as a wet belch that sprayed the air with strands of saliva. His mouth dripped a bit with saliva as he looked down at his stomach and smiled at it.  He felt himself becoming tired and Venom stretched out across his web, rubbing the squirming lump that was Lance. He'd get rid of his wood later, for now he just wanted to work on digesting Lance.
Inside the stomach, Lance was too exhausted to even struggle as the black liquid ooze of the suit absorbed his body, and eventually he will become a part of Venom. Lance was not in contempt of being absorbed, he was actually happy with the thought of knowing that he would be still alive, just only as a part of Venom. With that final thought, he peacefully succumbed; the tar-like ooze swarmed over his body and formed around him tightly.
Venom woke up a couple of hours later, his body still absorbing Lance. The lump hadn't gotten any smaller, but it was less defined. He felt his stomach rumble again and Venom belched, splashing from his mouth was a saliva soaked pair of boxers that were already partially digested. Venom licked his lip and grinned, "Mmmm…teenager flavor breath," he said with a chuckle. Another belch escaped from his poisonous maw as he comfortably placed his bare feet up in the air, happily wiggling his toes that were still pleasantly covered with saliva. Venom noticed Lance's discarded clothes and saw one of his moist black ankle socks. He picked it up and held it to his nose and breathed in. It still had the warm musty odor of his foot. With a dreamy smile on his face, he rolled over holding the sock to his face and breathing in the lovely smell, and went back to sleep.
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